Mary Josephine Valdez et al v. National Security Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, George W. Bush, Michael V. Hayden, Richard B. Cheney, David Addington

Through this case, Plaintiffs challenge gross criminality and misconduct prohibited by federal surveillance statutes, the Utah Constitution, the United States Constitution, and federal statutes, in which the National Security Agency (“NSA”) and Federal Bureau ofInvestigation (“FBI”) engaged, with the authorization and encouragement, following the request of Michael V. Hayden (“Hayden”), of then-President George W. Bush (“Bush”), then-Vice-President Richard B. Cheney (“Cheney”) and Cheney’s attorney, DavidAddington (“Addington”), in blatant and knowing violation of the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (“FISA”),which was passed by Congress in 1978 to prevent the very sorts of abuses and violations of privacy at issue in this matter.


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