This article originally appeared in Real Clear Politics.

Veteran Intelligence Professionals For Sanity (VIPS) member and NSA whistleblower Bill Binney speaks to ‘The Jimmy Dore Show’ about problems in the official storyline of the alleged Russian hack of the DNC, Guccifer 2.0, and Mueller’s latest indictments. He says the intelligence agencies are out of control and seek to become an American “Praetorian Guard,” referring to the personal guards of the Roman Emperor, who as the empire gradually decayed, began to kill emperors who got a little too crazy or too ambitious, and replace them with whoever could pay the most.

“The new thing is Russia, Russia, Russia, New Cold War,” Binney said. “That means a few more trillions of dollars into the coffers, that is the big swindle… That’s it… Behind the Shadow Government, which is what this is, is the Deep State, that is the military-industrial-intelligence complex and all the banks are a part of that, and even the technology people are now a part of that too… This deep state that is driving the push for more and more money to make more and more contracts from government, more and more control. This whole thing boils down to three words: Power, control, and money… They even lie within the agencies to manipulate money around, and they lie from agency to agency, for one agency to get an advantage over another, and even within the government, people in Congress are giving out money according to how many people put military bases or some kind of facility that puts money into their constituents’ area.”

Binney, the NSA’s former top codebreaker who resigned in protest after 9/11 when the decision was made to use systems he created to spy on the American public in general, said it was obvious to him that the Democratic National Committee is lying when they claim they have proof the Russians hacked their server. He points to several pieces of technical evidence which he says demonstrate that the alleged hack was an “inside job,” including indications that the files were downloaded onto a physical memory drive and not copied over the internet. He also mocks those who believe the DNC’s claim that they handed over a “digital copy” of the server they claim was hacked.

“When they said ’17 agencies’ had ‘high confidence’ the Russians did it, that told me they were lying,” Binney said. “The only agency that mattered in that whole conversation is the NSA, they have wiretaps on all communication. So if somebody hacked something, they would know it. It wasn’t a question of ‘high confidence,’ ‘they did it’ is what they would have to say. When they say they have ‘high confidence,’ that means they don’t have any evidence!”

About the investigation into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 election, Binney said Mueller “is charging spies for being spies.”

“In other words, it means, the Russian GRU is hacking everybody to get information,” he said. “But that’s what we are doing too! So he’s charging them for hacking, which means we should expect our spies to all be charged with similar crimes by all the other countries in the world because we do more spying and hacking than anybody!”

“[Mueller is] making an announcement that you have these Russian spies trying to hack into electronic data in the U.S., and I’m like, I’m sure we’re doing the same back to them — I know we had a tap on Angela Merkel’s phone. We’re spying on everybody,” host Jimmy Dore clarified. “So they’re taking stuff that is the normal matter of course stuff that spies do every day and pretending like it is special, right?

“That’s exactly right,” Binney said.

“To me that is propaganda then, right?” Dore asked the former intelligence professional.

“Right,” Binney said. “The whole thing was to interfere with the meeting in Helsinki. That’s basically what it was all about.”

“So do you think that the timing of this indictment was to screw with Trump and to undermine his meeting [with Putin] in Helsinki?” Dore asked.

“I think that is absolutely the case, yeah. The timing is too convenient for them,” Binney said. “It was to take away, to try to focus the attention of the American public elsewhere. That is the whole idea of the intelligence community, they are trying to control the narrative that goes across the mainstream media, and how people get their information and what information they get.”

“Even the companies are lining up with them to filter and censor people who aren’t conforming to the general narrative that is acceptable to the government. You can see it with Facebook blocking people and information. It is just a continuation of, I think it was one of the directors of Central Intelligence who said they had been trying to infiltrate the mainstream media for decades and, “You know we’ll have succeeded when most of what people believe is false.”

“This is what I told Director Pompeo when I met with him at the CIA,” Binney also said. “I said, your intelligence agencies are lying to you and the president and this government. They are not telling you the truth. It is like how we got into [Iraq] with the weapons of mass destruction, that was a lie. These are all lies. They say they’re not spying on U.S. citizens, that is a lie. They say they’re not spying on Congress, that is a lie. Brennan was doing it, he got caught at it, spying on the Senate Intelligence Committee doing their report on CIA torture.”

“So, you know, this is a whole series of lies,” he added. ” They are trying to manipulate the entire government. That is why I call them the Praetorian Guard, they are trying to determine who the emperor is and what the emperor does, that is all.”