Bill Binney is contacted regularly for interviews, to give presentations and  to provide technical advice.  There are various teams of people working with Bill on these topics.  Please use the contact form on the left and your question will be responded to by Bill or someone else on his team who can provide assistance.

Interviews: If you would like to interview Bill on any of the topics which is is knowledgeable about, include the full description in the request, including where the interview will be published/broadcast.  Please be specific about the time sensitivity of the request.

Presentations: Bill is requested frequently to present around the world.   Corporate or other well funded entities will be requested to provide for all travel arrangements (wheelchair accessible) plus a pre-agreed reasonable fee for Bill’s time.  If you are not able to cover travel and fees, please explain the context and background of your request, as Bill often invests his time and resources to share his experiences.

Technical Advice: Bill and Kirk Wiebe have co-founded an advisory company to assist organisations improve their own maturity in the area of data management, personal privacy and information security.


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